Blessed Vision For Africa
"help with hope"

B"Help With Hope"

Just more than fun!

Volunteer to restore hope!

Share your love with the abandoned children.

Volunteer towards our women empowerment program.

Volunteering? Blessed Vision is the right palce for your palcement!

We accept and welcome individuals, families, and organisations who would like to volunteer. Intending volunteers in any of our programmes should contact the Volunteers' coordinator.
Volunteers can also take part in our programs wherever they are by; collecting children items, raising awareness on the needs of children, organizing fundraising events or simply letting people know about our work.
The organization also recorganises the importance of child protection, and therefore we have a Child Protection Policy that every volunteer has to agree to before getting involved with children. This is aimed at reducing the risks of child abuse and exploitation. For further enquiries about how you can get involved, please contact us directly.

We welcome you to be part of this life changing cause as we aim to develop a global partnership for development (MDG 7). More details on how you can be a volunteer.

The Director and staff are mostly busy looking for funds and this leaves some of the organization work pending, this creates a gap that needs to be filled in our programs hence calling for people to come and volunteer in our organization. BVA is kindly requesting you to come and work with us through volunteering so as to bring Joy and love to the hopeless. 

The Program fee donations should be deposited into BVA Bank Account on your arrival in Uganda. An official invitation will be sent to you for your visa application. This fee is required to cover expenses while you are on the program. The program fee is non refundable.

The Program fee is negotiable depending on your stay with us in Uganda.

Your program fee donation fee covers the following:

(a) Arranging for, organizing and inspecting your placement: such as the school and accommodation and meals.
(b) Airport meeting and pickup, and drop offs.
(c) BVA Administrations

you will be given breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. Typical breakfast: tea, coffee, cocoa, oats, or porridge and bread with jam, butter, egg omelets. Typical dinner: rice, yam or Matooke (Green Plantain) with stew, soup, fresh beans plus fruits. At lunchtime you can get fruits and/or snacks. However special arrangements can be made for special needs person, days or events.

BVA will provide all the meals from the funds paid (program fee) by the volunteer. Almost 80% of the program fee donation goes to costs of the volunteers up-keep during his or her stay with BVA.

FAQ ON Volunteering:

1. Can I come any time of the year?

Yes, you can come anytime of the year. However, for those coming specifically for volunteer teaching due to the school calendar in Uganda,BVA can only place you within the following periods (terms) in the year:

(a) JANUARY through APRIL (1st School Term)
(b) MAY through AUGUST 2nd " "
(c) SEPTEMBER through DECEMBER 3rd " "

However, there is a need to note that sometimes the school schedule changes without prior notice. Therefore In case of any changes we ask the participating volunteer to be very flexible. In between these periods, you can still keep your room if you are staying beyond one (1) school term but you may be expected to bear your other living expenses.

2.Are there some Projects, which need our collective attention and funding?
Yes. BVA does not encourage a handout approach when helping the community. Our development Programs are not only focused on restoring people and their communities to their pre-crisis conditions, they also focus on establishing a process that enables those in need to build a self sufficient and self sustaining lifestyle as a community. Our development programs strive to permanently break the bonds and cycle of poverty of individuals, families and their communities. Therefore we encourage volunteers to work closely with the BVA administration in looking out into possible avenues to help the community. For further information about opportunities for volunteer support, please you contact any of our administrators.
we hope to see you volunteer with us.