Blessed Vision For Africa
"help with hope"

B"Help With Hope"

Help Denis stay in school for only $40 permonth.
Name: Magino Denis
Status: Disabled and orphaned.
Wish : schoolfees and a matress
Vision: to be come a teacher
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Our Vision:

"A lovely and caring society where orphans and abandoned children live a happy and healthy life without worries"

Our Mission:

"To restore hope and dignity of the orphans and abandoned children and keep their hopes and aspirations unclouded through the provision of quality education, shelter and their basic needs.


BLESSED VISION FOR AFRICA is established to address the limited educational and economic opportunities that exist for vulnerable groups of women,Elderly people and children in Uganda.  BVA’s vision is that, by implementing activities that provide these opportunities, it will contribute to the reduction of poverty and HIV/AIDS in the Budaka,Mbale,Bududa and Manafwa community.


"Your sponsorship will make a difference in the life of a child"
Going beyond the concept of mere donations, sponsorships with Blessed Vision for Africa. Blessed Vision For Africa offers you an opportunity to build a true relationship with your sponsored child as well as various stakeholders of the project through a proven system of correspondences and exchanges.

"Educating a Child" sponsorship:
Millions of children in Africa live in absolute poverty and are out of school. Education is one of the most efficient solutions in trying to end the cycle of poverty. Through this sponsorship module, your contribution will give a child an education! It also allows you to build a personalized relationship with your sponsored child. You will receive your sponsored children's photographs and they write to you 3 times a year to tell you about themselves and their lives.

With a contribution of 79$/term, a primary school child is guaranteed an education (school fees, books, pens and pencils, geometry set and uniform).There are three terms in a year and you can choose to pay the whole year at once or three times a year.

Communication and reliability
You'll be given the opportunity to personally connect with your sponsored child - building a relationship that could change both your lives. Immediately, after you have made your donation, we will send you an email confirming that we have received your donation. Shortly after, we will send you a welcome-letter and at the end of each school term we will send you school reports and a letter from your sponsored child.

In the welcome-letter, our project coordinators and their teams will help you understand the specific context; they will inform you about the Uganda, its culture and tell you about the various developments that are taking place. You will receive your first letter immediately after your sponsored child has started school and a letter at the end of each school term. You can also send letters to your sponsored child through our organization. As an organization we believe in fostering communication and regular exchanges between sponsors and stakeholders; we strongly feel that your letters as sponsors encourage communities and local authorities in their developmental efforts. And yes, your letters to children nurture them and offer them moral support as they reflect your interest and concern for their education and their life in general.

A message from the founder/President:

Am a very young man who has passion and love to help those in need. it has been always been my pleasure and blessing to see the lives of the needy and abandoned kids transformed to a better and healthy living.
Am so thankful to God for the spiritual vision to save the the orphans and abandoned children.
I further thank all our supporters and partners for entrusting me and all their love and support to us and ensuring that work and projects are implemented is highly appreciated.
God Bless you all.
Mugega Sula.
Founder and President Blessed Vision For Africa.
Some of our orphans and abandoned children having breakfast