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"help with hope"

B"Help With Hope"

Volunteering programs are so open to both local and international volunteers, for volunteering please contact us from our contact us page. or email us at: [email protected]

Nathan meets his sponsored child Gerald.

'It was such a thrill to see my sponsored son, Gerald, for the first time in real life. He is a joy to me! And thank you, Sula, for your wonderful hospitality, during my stay."
A sponsor of Blessed Vision For Africa from USA.

Welcome to Blessed Vision for Africa!

Blessed Vison For Africa(BVA) aids orphan,needy and Marginalized Elderly persons in the Budaka region of eastern Uganda by enabling them to attend school and thus prepare for a better life.And to keep their hopes and aspirations unclouded.

These children are being fostered by relatives or church families after losing one or both parents. Most of these foster families earn less than $20 per month, and many already have multiple children of their own whom they are struggling to support. Thus they lack the funds to provide these fostered orphans the education which can provide them a more promising future.


BVA was created to address these needs. We provide otherwise unavailable funds for school fees, uniforms, and supplies, as well as clothing, mosquito nets, and food assistance to the foster families so that these orphans can attend school. A local Board of Directors reviews, accepts, and then monitors the participants to ensure they are receiving the supplies, attending school, and maintaining good grades.

One of the requirements for continued sponsorship is that the students attend church regularly so they are nurtured spiritually as well as physically and educationally. As a result of the Christmas 2009 project, each child in the program received a Bible so they can grow in a personal relationship with their God and learn to live the holy, happy lives God intends for them

Because all donations to go directly to aid the orphans, the founders of BVA personally pay 100% of all administrative costs, . The remaining members of the Board of Directors are volunteers who are not monetarily compensated in any way. 

If you are interested in our ELDERLY SUPPORT PROGRAM,please contact us at: [email protected]

For only $40 per month, you can provide a monthly up keep of basic needs to a poor Elderly person.